My long suffering wife Dawn decided she was going to go back to work about a year ago and in September this year nailed her dream job, the type of work only a mother of four could describe as “dream”.  A maternity assistant. This marked a new chapter, not only in her life but in mine as well.  I have been on a personal quest to strike a better work-life balance for a number of years now and had manoeuvred myself into some flexible self employment.  This allowed Dawn to take up the demanding 12 hr shift pattern of her role whilst giving me the opportunity to be a more hands on dad and homemaker.

Now one of my few endearing qualities is an unquestionable honesty so I must freely admit that I had spent a number of years observing the abstract chaos of our home with a sense that I had the skills to bring some organisation, serenity and calm to the proceedings. The reality has been like a slap in the face off a wet fish.

I first started detailing my adventures in a series of messages to my wife and discovered that I was resonating with a wider audience of family and friends.  With lots of kind words and encouragement I have decided to lay myself bare to a wider audience, hence this blog!

So what can you expect?  Well, I say and write things as I see them.  My sense is that I speak for the wider population, vocalising the things that we are all thinking but not necessarily saying.  This may or may not turn out to be true!  I try not to offend and hope you will enjoy the humour of my posts in the spirit with which they are intended.  Be  aware however that whilst my diary is an amusing insight into life with 5 kids, there is a consistent and serious message.  Being a parent/homemaker is bloody hard work.  Agree with me or disagree with me I don’t really mind but ignore me at your peril!

Finally the housekeeping (pun intended).  I will post links to my latest blogs on Facebook and Twitter (follow buttons can be found on this site) but you can also follow the blog directly by clicking on the “Follow Blog Button”  (No rocket science here).

I hope you will enjoy my humble offerings.  Obviously I am very insecure and seek constant external validation so I would very much appreciate your positive feedback.  Normally I would encourage constructive feedback but since becoming a full-time househusband I have become very emotionally fragile and am less able to cope with criticism. Please be gentle!