Dad hasn’t got a clue

So today is Nursery Rhyme day. That was a fun announcement about an hour before school. No problem, I can think on my feet. Here is Charlie dressed up as little boy blue. He wasn’t as impressed as this photo suggests. I’ll list the reasons.

1. He’s never heard of this nursery rhyme therefore it doesn’t exist.
2. Its not blue (fair point)
3. Theres no horn (so 2 fundamental identifying features are missing)
4. Little boy blue lacks any credibility. When you peel back the layers he is essentially a lazy bastard with emotional issues.

We could have avoided all of this if he’d gone with my first suggestion, dressing up in his Spiderman costume to represent Little Miss Muffit but apparently that was too tenuous

I tried my best but it seems that this effort is again destined for the psychiatrists couch in about 20 years time. Meanwhile back at the ranch I’m trying my utmost to stop Freddy sourcing his breakfast from the dustbin. I think the wifes stash of Gin could help here but I can’t remember where she keeps the IV…