Diary of a Desperate Househusband

The Opening Chapter

My long suffering wife Dawn decided she was going to go back to work about a year ago and in September this year nailed her dream job, the type of work only a mother of four could describe as "dream". A maternity assistant. This marked a new chapter, not only in her life but in mine as well. I have been on a personal quest to strike a better work-life balance for a number of years now and had manoeuvred myself into some flexible self employment. This allowed Dawn to take up the demanding 12 hr shift pattern of her role whilst giving me the opportunity to be a more hands on dad and homemaker.

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A confession to my wife

Dear Dawn Thank-you for our frank conversation last night in which you encouraged me to be less bitter about celebrity dads and open up more about my own feminine side.  I realise that I have been using my cynicism as... Continue Reading →

Proud Daddy Moment

Big moment in our house, the eldest managed to nail his first arm-pit fart.  I was so proud I thought I might burst. I remember my first arm-pit fart like it was yesterday and how it catapulted my standing amongst... Continue Reading →

Defending my territory

Today was a day that by rights I should have been looking forward to.  A precious morning to work whilst Dawn, fresh off a seemingly relentless period of shifts, would be at home watching over the parenting tasks.  When I awoke... Continue Reading →

NEWS FLASH – Nose picking linked to sickness

We interrupt your evening to bring you this exclusive from our East Anglia new desk. Apparently, a recent outbreak of sickness at a Cambridgeshire school is being attributed to excessive nose picking.  Bouts of short term sickness are traditionally attributed to seasonal norovirus... Continue Reading →

Housework and Toddlers

  Since the launch of my blog I have, as requested, received some very supportive feedback.  A couple of more cynical people however have insinuated that I must have too much time on my hands.  With respect, you have completely... Continue Reading →

Celebrity v Reality – A letter to my wife

Dear Dawn (The days are melting into each other so I no longer count) Following on from my last communication I feel that I need to tackle the issue of celebrity parenting which you hold in great regard but I... Continue Reading →

21 Nov ’16 – Going to toddler groups

Dad hasn't got a clue I woke up to quite a shock this morning. It turns out that when you have a lazy one (as I did on Friday) all the housework you haven't done is simply sat there waiting... Continue Reading →

17 Nov ’16 – Toddlers and Dogs

  Wife is off dossing about at work so I thought I'd start the day by taking Freddy and the dog out for a nice walk. Crisp winters morning I thought, that'll lift my spirits. How wrong can you be. Soon... Continue Reading →

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